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Are you a CMA aspirant? 

So, you want to be a CMA (Certified Management Accountant)? Still stumped as to where to begin? Here is some important information to be aware of before enrolling in CMA training.

Choosing the CMA program is an excellent way to advance your career in management accounting. However, before diving in, it’s a good idea to learn everything there is to know about the course, including the prerequisites, qualifications, test format, salary, and job prospects. You don’t need to go somewhere else to learn everything there is to know about CMA; simply relax and keep reading. You will receive answers to all of your CMA certification questions by the end of this article.

IMA Membership:

The first step in obtaining CMA certification is to enter the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). Membership in the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is required to obtain CMA certification. This is the critical move that any candidate overlooks because they believe they can simply sign up and take the CMA Exam. Student and professional memberships are available. Before beginning the programme, the applicant must also pay an annual IMA membership fee.


The requirements for obtaining a CMA certification are as follows:

Candidates must also fulfil the following eligibility criteria in addition to being members of the IMA:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college, or technical qualification in a related field.
  • Pass the CMA exam in both sections.
  • Professional experience in management accounting or financial management for at least two years.

Before completing these requirements, you can enter IMA and take and pass the exam. You can, however, receive the credential after you have completed your bachelor’s degree and have worked for two years. The CMA software allows you to work at your own speed to complete the course. You can receive your CMA certification in as little as six months or as long as three years after registering for CMA. 

CMA Exam:

Bharadwaj Institute offers the best CMA classes in India to help students pass the exam. The CMA Exam is divided into two sections, each of which takes four hours to complete. There are no negative marks and the exam is 75 percent objective (100 questions) and 25 percent descriptive. 

The first section of the CMA exam covers the following topics.

  • External financial reporting decisions
  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Performance management
  • Cost management
  • Internal control

The following topics are covered in Part 2 of the CMA Exam:

  • Financial statement analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Decision analysis
  • Risk management
  • Investment decisions
  • Professional ethics

CMA exams are computer-assisted and administered by Prometric, a company with locations all over the world. Though you must schedule your CMA exams at least 72 hours ahead of time, it is preferable to schedule them four weeks ahead of time. Exams are scheduled to take place in the coming months for the candidates:

  • January and February
  • May and June
  • September and October
Career Opportunities Following CMA Certification: 

Earning a CMA certification takes a significant amount of effort and time. So, before enrolling in the CMA programme, consider how CMA can assist you in your professional growth. Also, consider your educational background and career goals to see if this certification is the right fit for you. Obtaining a CMA qualification, on the other hand, opens up a plethora of work prospects both domestically and internationally. CMA certification allows you to broaden your career opportunities by improving your financial, accounting, and management skills. Financial Analyst, Financial Risk Manager, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Relationship Manager, Cost Accountant, Cost Manager, and other job positions are also available.

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Salary of a CMA Professional:

The salary of a CMA, like that of any other employee, is determined by a variety of factors such as the designation, company size, years of experience, and so on. The higher the company’s size, the higher the wage. After a few years, you would almost certainly be able to receive a large sum of money as payment. Don’t be concerned! If you’ve earned your CMA certification, you’ll be able to advance your career without having to look back.

Are you planning to join the CMA and pass the exam? Don’t worry; many institutes in India provide this service. However, if you want the best CMA training, contact Bharadwaj Institute, a leading training institute that provides CMA, ACCA, CA, CPA, and other accounting courses.

The Bharadwaj Institute is one of the best institutes in India for CMA preparation. And so don’t be late! Enter as soon as possible to maximise your time spent studying for the CMA test. Covid 19 has had a devastating effect on our lives as a whole. Humans, on the other hand, have always fought such situations and pushed forward. As a result, we’re keeping our campus open by adhering to all of the Covid 19 prevention strategies and protocols.

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