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A certificate programme in cost accounting management is designed to prepare students for employment in a variety of sectors and corporate functions. The Institute of Cost Accountants of India issues certificates for the CMA course in India (ICAI). The curriculum focuses primarily on valuation issues, financial statement review, working capital policies, external financial statements, and other related topics.

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Years of Experience

Course Levels in CMA

There are three stages of the CMA curriculum. After passing the previous level, an individual is only qualified for the next level. The three phases of the CMA programme are described below.

Level 1 - CMA Foundation Level
Level 2 - CMA Intermediate Level
Level 3 - CMA Final Level


    Criteria for Eligibility at Different Stages of CMA

    If you want to apply for the CMA programme, you must first understand the eligibility requirements. The prerequisites for each stage are mentioned below.

    CMA Foundation Level CMA Intermediate Level CMA Final Level
    • A candidate must have graduated from a recognised Board or Institution with a Class 10 or equivalent.
    • Has passed a recognised Board's Senior Secondary Examination under the 10+2 scheme or an examination recognised by the Central Government as equivalent thereto or has passed the All India Council for Technical Education's National Diploma in Commerce Examination or any State Board of Technical Education under the authority of the said All India Council, or the National Council of Higher Education's Diploma in Rural Service Examination.
    • Those who are currently enrolled and waiting for their results can apply for provisional admission.
    • Graduation in any discipline other than Fine Arts/ Foundation Course of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India/ Senior Secondary School Examination (10+2) (Entry Level) Part I of the Institute/CAT Foundation's Examination (Entry Level) Part I: Exam and Level of Competency Part II of the Institute's CAT Examination.
    • Passed ICSI Foundation/ICAI Intermediate by whatever name it was known, as well as 10+2.
    • Annexure VI of the prospectus contains a list of other qualifying examinations.
    • Those who are currently enrolled and waiting for their results can apply for provisional admission.
    • In the penultimate term, you should have passed the CMA Intermediate test (those who have passed CMA Inter in June will not be allowed to sit for CMA Final December)
    • Must have a current registration number.
    • Should have completed the CMA Final course's required training.
    • Should not be disqualified from taking the CMA Final Course Exam.

    Duration of the CMA Program

    The CMA course can be completed in any order. As a result, the length of time it takes to complete the CMA programme is determined by the candidate’s level of concentration and commitment.

    The course will take anywhere from 6 months to 4 years to complete.
    In India, students usually take at least 3-4 years to complete their studies.
    In the United States, the course can be completed in as little as six months.
    15 months [for students who enrolled in the intermediate course on or after February 11th, 2020
    After registering for the Practical Training, you may begin immediately. This is an intermediate-level course.
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